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Have you noticed the new PICKE logo? With growth comes change and more New Yorkers are making the PICKE move – meaning more singles yearning for your swipes. Be sure to update your PICKE app to its newest and best version yet!*
*Note- update is currently available for iOS… Android coming soon.

PICKE Profile Tips
For optimal right swipe results

Do you present yourself/interact better with another individual IN PERSON than you do online?Ever wonder why you’re not getting as many matches as you think you should be?
Think of your dating profile as you would your resume – cleaned up and presenting the right messages (in our case, photos) to get your foot through the door (with us, a right swipe/match)and have an interview set up (a date). Below we are listing some DO’s & DON’Ts that will finally let your crush see past your profile and get to know the REAL YOU:


  • Have your profile photo be the best SOLO photo you have of yourself – ask a friend or, even better, a friend of the opposite sex to choose their fave shot of you if you can’t decide!
  • Smile in your photos – happy people navigate toward other happy people, plus it gives a clearer idea of what you will look like in person.
  • Fill out your profile in full – you’re less likely to appear on the screens of Picke users that have their filters strictly set if you are missing important information so FILL IT ALL IN!
  • Disclose important information – clearly not all relationships work out, kindly make it known if you are divorced/have kids/etc. so your time (and other’s) is not wasted.


  • Post photos with ex boyfriends/girlfriends – it’s in the past for a reason so cut your ex out or simply don’t use the photo.
  • Post photos in groups – it’s okay to have one group pic but with NYer’s limited patience, having to investigate which person you are will most likely lead you to the left swipe pile.
  • Post photos making silly faces – it’s tricky enough imagining what someone will look like in person, don’t make it even harder by having us envision past a weird facial expression.
  • Post photos exposing too much skin – it just gives the wrong impression of what you’re actually looking for – a relationship.

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