Introducing the PICKE PASS:

July 28, 2016 3:41 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

“All is fair in Love & War” (in some regards). We at PICKE also understand that “love is an open door”. That’s why we’ve added our ‘PICKE PASS’ feature. When love is staring right at you – from your phone’s screen – use your PICKE PASS to walk right through that open door.

This means that if you come across someone with whom you CANNOT fathom swiping past without letting them know that you’re in awe, use your PICKE PASS to bypass a “match” and send dream boy/girl a direct message. Because this can be an invasive feature, we’ve only allowed ____ PP (Picke Passes) per day, however additional passes can be purchased right on the app.

Don’t let the (possible) love of your life get away if you feel the swipe direction won’t be a mutual one – tell them how you feel before they make their final swipe decision!

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